6 reasons why students fail to perform in Olympiad Examination

6 reasons why students fail to perform in Olympiad Examination

Healthy competition among students is beneficial but often it leads to increased stress, anxiety and unwanted pressure on them. India conducts several competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, Olympiads, etc., in which students participate in huge numbers. Often students participate in Olympiads and try to give their best, but the performance of students is not always as anticipated. Many reasons are responsible for the poor performance of students in the olympiads. Some of the factors affecting Olympiad performance are as follows.

1. Lack of proper guidance
Often it is seen that some students lack complete information about the exam like the pattern of the paper, important topics, marking criteria, weightage to different topics, etc.
Such students fail to understand exams, miss out on a few things from the syllabus, and often fail to understand the level of the exam, leading to failure in olympiad exams.

2. Lack of Preparation
Many fail to complete the syllabus on time and are unable to revise important topics. This leads to forgetting they have earlier studied due to a lack of revision. Lack of enough practice and not solving sample papers and tests also leads to poor performance in the olympiads. Another reason for failure due to lack of exam preparation is rote learning rather than understanding the concepts in-depth.

3. Not enough Practice
Giving tests regularly mentally and psychologically prepares you for the final day. Not giving enough tests builds up anxiety and leads to low confidence during the exam. This hampers the performance of a student. Regular tests also help in memorisation and a better understanding of topics.

4. Lack of setting Priorities
Many students focus on a subject for too long or give too much time to a single topic. Towards the end, they are left with little time and a vast syllabus. Not being able to divide the syllabus within the time available for the preparation is one of the major causes of failure. Seek proper exam guidance to be able to decide what is more important and decide accordingly.

5. Peer pressure/Comparison with others
Many students are put under tremendous pressure of expectations from family and relatives. Some are constantly compared with other brighter students. This lowers their confidence, and academic performance, and leads to poor performance in the exam.

6. Too many distractions
Some students are unable to focus on their exam preparation and get swayed easily by distractions like social media, television, movies, video games, parties etc. This hampers their preparation which reflects in their results too.
Everyone faces difficulties while preparing for olympiad exams be it the syllabus, time management, or peer pressure. But one should never let the above mistakes take over them and give their best shot.