Are there any reasoning Olympiads? How to prepare for them?

Are there any reasoning Olympiads? How to prepare for them?

The Bloom School Olympiads are one of India’s fastest emerging olympiads that conduct olympiad exams in several subjects. Bloom Reasoning Olympiad aims to enhance the logical
and critical thinking of the students, skills that are required for future life challenges. Competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, CAT, Civil Services, NEET, etc., require logical aptitude and problem-solving. Reasoning Olympiads in inculcating these skills in the students. Such exam preparation is not so easy and requires strategy and hard work. Here are some tips to follow to prepare for Bloom Reasoning Olympiad for Class 1 to 12 and other olympiad exams.

1. Solve puzzles and crosswords regularly
Solving puzzles and crosswords keep your mind active and sharpens your logical skills. Many puzzles are available online, in newspapers, and in magazines from where you can practice them.

2. Think in accordance with the solution
Another approach to prepare for reasoning olympiads is to think according to the solution. This will simplify things in questions like input-output, blood relations, syllogisms and analogy, which are somewhat complicated.

3. Focus on the solution and not the problem
Topics like coding-decoding are quite confusing. Hence, just focusing on the question alone will not help in finding the solution. What the candidates can do is think about the solution and start from the end which makes the problem look simpler and find the answer that fits the question.

4. Practice with a timer
Try to solve as many questions as possible within a set time limit. This trains your brain to work at a faster speed and not take your own sweet time to solve questions.

5. Get comfortable with the examination pattern
To excel in the reasoning olympiad, get accustomed to the exam pattern. Attempt mock tests, practice sample papers, and refer only to high-quality and error-free study materials to know commonly asked reasoning questions.

6. Prepare and Practice side by side.
Do not wait for the chapter to finish and then practice the questions. Reasoning requires a lot of practice and as soon as you complete a topic, attempt all the questions asked. This way, you will be better prepared and gain confidence for the reasoning and aptitude Olympiad.

7. Plan your strategy for attempting the Exam
Depending on your expertise and which topic you find easier, attempt those questions first. E.g., if you find coding-decoding easy, try solving those questions first. Make your strategy for the exam day and stick to it. Also, make sure you do not spend too much time on a single question. If it is taking too much time, move to the next one. This is very important to remember while your exam preparation.

Thus, by following the above tips to prepare thoroughly, learn effective time management methods, and practice more, one can easily get better by the day and ace the reasoning olympiad.