How Public Speaking Skills Can Enhance Your Child’s Overall Personality

Is your mind always puzzled with questions like:

“How come I have become the kind of person I am today?”

“Why is my personality like this?”

What type of a person will my kid grow up to be?”

Every parent ponders over these questions time and again. As parents andcaregivers, we constantly worry about what our children will turn out to be. Achild’s personality development is influenced by a variety of factors like theenvironment at home, his/her education, peers, and their relations with others.

Public speaking is a communication skill that enables kids to express theirthoughts, ideas, and opinions in front of an audience. This skill is essential toacquire as it is beneficial to a child not only in his/her classroom but also later inlife. Thus, public speaking for kids is crucial for their personality development. Itenhances a child’s personality in the following ways:

1. Enhances communication skills

Public speaking training for kids involves ways and methods to help a childexpress himself in the presence of an audience. It trains them to be publicspeakers by shedding their hesitation and being able to connect better withthe audience. This ability enhances a child’s communication skills.

2. Better listening skills

Listening skills benefit a child in many ways. It not only builds trust in relationships but also makes sure you do not miss out on even a single piece of information!

Kids with excellent public speaking skills are better listeners. This is because publicspeaking requires them to answer questions from the audience. In debates and speeches,one has to listen patiently to their opponents’ points of view to be able tocross-question. In order to do that, one has to listen carefully to what isbeing asked/said. Thus, during public speaking training for kids, they learnto listen carefully and ultimately become active listeners.

3. Makes them good planners and organizers

Planning a public speech requires extensive research and meticulousplanning. Children learn to research, plan and organize their speech wellbefore time, prepare for possible questions and make sure theirinformation is accurate to deliver a factually correct speech. This cultivatesand strengthens their organizing and planning abilities.

4. Boosts confidence

Confidence is the key to success. Achild who lacks confidence oftenfails to grab the opportunities that lifehas to offer. Whether it is facing theclassroom, asking doubts,performing in exams and sports, ordoing well later on in life-all requiresconfidence. Public speaking skills for kids boost their confidence and make them ready to take on any challenge in life!

5. Improves pronunciation and vocabulary

Public speaking competitions and events not only focus on the speaker’sway of speaking but also on how they pronounce and deliver the speech.With consistent training, a child’s pronunciation and vocabulary areconsiderably improved. They start to speak without stammering andbecome more expressive and clear in their words.

6. Helps in improving academic performance

Public speaking instills confidence in kids. It makes them better researchers andplanners. This builds their knowledge and time management skills- the qualities essential for academic excellence. Children who are good at public speaking do not hesitate inasking doubts in class or putting forward an argument. This naturallyimproves their grades and improves their classroom performance.

7. Constructs critical thinking

Critical thinking is the analysis and interpretation of information to use forproblem-solving. Public speaking builds critical thinking in kids bycompelling them to research and form an opinion for their speech.

Gradually a child develops an understanding between right and wrong andcan make decisions accordingly.

8. Ensures career advancement

Kids who are good public speakers today will perform better as adults. Thisis because they have already mastered the art of time management,research and knowledge gaining, organizing skills,critical thinking, and beingconfident. Whetherpresenting their ideas totheir team or facing ajob/college interview- theircareer advancement isensured once they havemastered the skill of publicspeaking.

9. Helps to overcome anxiety

Public speaking is a skill feared by kids and adults alike. While some kidsare natural public speakers and face no discomfort in expressingthemselves in front of an audience, others are either shy or becomeuncomfortable doing the same. Public speaking training for such kidsfocuses on making them feel comfortable in front of an audience so thatthey can fight their fears first. Hesitant public speakers as kids developother problems in adulthood like anxiety and fear of facing an audience, iftheir fears are not taken care of.

When kids develop a personality that is no longer afraid of anything and accepts every challenge without any fear, they turn out to be confident individuals of thefuture. Their future is more enjoyable and less stressful as they are betterprepared. Developing the skill of public speaking in your child will enhancehis/her overall personality that is not only pleasant and impressive but willperform better in life while facing real-world challenges.