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We are one of India’s top School Olympiad examination platforms founded by Arihant Publications, one of the leading publishing houses in India. Over the last two decades, Arihant publications have been relentlessly in pursuit of producing accountable, balanced, innovative, and appropriate content for every sphere of education. At BloomCAP, every effort is made to instill a competitive spirit in students through Olympiad examination, Olympiad preparation, and Online test packages. We aim to train children for a better and brighter future.

Bloom School Olympiads

Olympiad examinations not only help in preparing for Olympiad examinations but also help in instilling a spirit of healthy competition from a very young age. These exams enhance the academic performance and problem-solving skills of young learners. BloomCAP offers olympiads in subjects- Mathematics, Science, English, General Knowledge, and Reasoning, for classes 1 to 10; to develop Mathematical aptitude, reasoning skills, critical thinking, expertise in the English language, and awareness of current affairs.

Online Test Packages

BloomCAP offers Online Test Packages for practice and better preparation for each of the subjects. These Online Test Packages are available in five subjects- Mathematics, Reasoning, Science, English, and General Knowledge for classes 1 to 10 which include chapter-wise tests and practice papers of the complete syllabus in each subject for maximum retention of the learnings.

Olympiad Prep Boosters

Prep-boosters offered by Bloom Olympiads are a complete package for the preparation of the Bloom School Olympiads as well as other major olympiads held at national and international levels. They are available in three subjects- Reasoning, Mathematics, and English. The salient features of Bloom PrepBooster are live classes, daily worksheets, doubt classes, regular parent-teacher interaction, regular assessments, and an exclusive pre-profile test to create a complete profile for each student and teach accordingly.

Reasoning Olympiad Prep Booster

4000   3500

Bloom offers Reasoning Olympiad Prep Booster to induce and strengthen logical and analytical thinking in children. Thus making them ready for all Reasoning Olympiads at National & International Level.


Mathematics Olympiad Prep Booster

5000   4500

Bloom offers Maths Olympiad Prep Booster to develop Mathematical Aptitude in school students and enhance their problem-solving skills. Maths Olympiad Prep Booster will prove to be highly useful for those students who are planning to bring pride for themselves by their performance in Maths Olympiads.


English Olympiad Prep Booster

5000   4500

Bloom offers English Olympiad Prep Booster course to develop and strengthen learners’ command over this universally spoken language, and also make them ready to compete in English Olympiads.


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