What to do if I forget my User ID?
Click on ‘Forgot Username’ button on Login page and follow the onscreen instructions, you will get your user id.
Can I update my registered E-Mail ID/Phone Number?
You can update them by Login to your account>Go to ‘Update Profile’>Edit email id and phone number>Click on ‘Save Changes’. Your new email id and phone number will be successfully updated.
How can I change my password?
You can change your password by Login to your account>Go to ‘Change Password’>Enter your Current Password and New password>Confirm your New Password and click on the ‘Save’ button.
What to do if I forget my Password?
In case you have forgotten your password, go to the login option>enter your login id>click on forgot password button. Immediately, you will receive a mail containing a link to change your password. After this, you can create your new password by following the above stated steps.
What are the available Payment Modes?
You can make payments through any digital modes such as, Net banking, Credit Card/Debit Card, GooglePay, PayTm, Phone Pe etc.
Is there any validity of courses & other material available here?
Yes, each course on BloomCAP has its pre-fixed schedule & validity.
In case of any problem while accessing the site, what should I do?
In case you face any problem while accessing the website, you can contact us at ‘support@bloomcap.org’, our customer support team will contact you asap.
How can I unsubscribe myself for Bloom e-mails?
You can unsubscribe from Bloom emails by opening up the last received mail & clicking on ‘Unsubscribe’ button.
I have purchased Online Test, how can I attempt them?
After purchasing an online test from BloomCAP, the test is made available on your user dashboard with ‘Attempt Now’ option. You can easily attempt the test just by clicking on the ‘Attempt Now’ button.
Can I attempt the Online Test on My Mobile?
Yes, you can attempt the test on your mobile through our website www.bloomcap.org.
Can I join Bloom team as a trainer or any other role?
Yes, you can join the Bloom Team. For more details, please visit Bloom's Career Page.
How can I Edit/Update my profile details?
You can update your profile by Login to your account>Go to ‘Update Profile’>Edit details>Click on ‘Save Changes’. Your account details will be successfully updated.
What are the advantages of Olympiad for School Students?
The sole objective of Olympiad Exams is to build an aptitude in the school-going children that help them develop a zeal to face the challenges. Participation in Olympiads allows children to get the real feel of the competitive exams they will face in the future.
What is the eligibility criteria for Bloom Olympiads?
All the school-going students of classes 1 to 10 are eligible to appear for Bloom School Olympiads.
How can I get the detailed information of Bloom Olympiads?
The complete information of Bloom Olympiads is available on our website www.bloomcap.org.
Can I participate in Bloom School Olympiad directly if my school is not interested in Olympiads?
You can enroll yourself for Olympiads directly by registering yourself on www.bloomcap.org. Once you complete the registration process, you will be eligible to participate in the Olympiad.
Is there only one Bloom Olympiad for each Class or Subject wise Multiple Olympiads?
There are 5 Olympiads for each class: Bloom Maths Olympiad, Bloom Science Olympiad, Bloom English Olympiad, Bloom Reasoning Olympiad, and Bloom GK Olympiad. Detailed information about each Olympiad is available on www.bloomcap.org.
What is the syllabus for Bloom Olympiads?
The Syllabus for Bloom Olympiads covers all the important topics prescribed in the CBSE/NCERT Syllabus and other major boards of the country. Detailed Subject wise & Class wise Syllabus is available on www.bloomcap.org.
Can one student participate in more than one Bloom Olympiads?
Yes, a student can participate in more than one or all the Olympiads as per the choice.
Are there any prefixed dates for Bloom Olympiads?
Yes, all the Bloom Olympiads are conducted on the prefixed dates given on our website www.bloomcap.org. Each Olympiad is conducted on four different dates, and students can choose any of them.
Are Awards offered to top Bloom Olympiad scorers?
Yes, we select top Olympiad scorers at two levels; at National Level & at School Level. For more details about Awards, visit www.bloomcap.org.
Can I get some practice papers to know the exact level of Bloom Olympiad Exam?
Yes, free practice papers are available for each Bloom Olympiad & each class on www.bloomcap.org
Where the Bloom Olympiad Exam will be conducted, in the school or at any other place.
All the Bloom School Olympiads will be conducted only in Online Mode that you can attempt through your Laptop/Desktop/Tablet/Mobile.
What are the minimum technical requirements for the computer/laptop/tablet to participate in Bloom School Olympiads online?
Your Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile should have a working internet connection, good speed, a fully functioning web camera because the Bloom School Olympiads are conducted AI based proctorial monitoring. For more details, visit us at www.bloomcap.org.
When the result of Bloom Olympiads will be declared?
Results of each Olympiad will be declared as per a prefixed schedule available on www.bloomcap.org.
My School has registered myself for Bloom Olympiads, do I need to register myself separately on www.bloomcap.org?
If your school has registered you for Bloom School Olympiads, you don't need to register yourself separately on the website.
Is there any fee to be paid to participate in Bloom School Olympiad?
Yes, a nominal participation fee of Rs. 125 Per Olympiad to be paid to participate in the Bloom Olympiads. Attractive discounts are also available if you participate in more than one Olympiad. For more details, visit www.bloomcap.org.
Is there any book/ preparation material available for the preparation of Bloom School Olympiad?
Yes, there are complete study guides available for each Olympiad. These guidebooks have complete theory & Olympiad Pattern Practice Papers. You can get these books either as an e-book or paperbacks from www.bloomcap.org.
Is their other way to prepare for Olympiads along with the study guides?
Yes, we have Complete Online Preparation Packages for each Olympiad, consisting of Live Classes, Assessment Tests & Practice Papers. More details are available on www.bloomcap.org.
How schools can contact to enroll their students for Bloom School Olympiad?
Schools interested in Bloom School Olympiads can send their query to support@bloomcap.org. Our representative will contact them.
Is the Question Paper of Olympiads same for all the schools or it varies from school to school?
Bloom School Olympiads are international-level exams, so there is no variation in the question papers for different schools. However, there will be different Question papers for different exam dates.
How the result of the Bloom School Olympiads is declared school wise?
Results of Bloom School Olympiads are declared at two levels; National Level & School Level. Each student is allotted a National Rank as well as School Rank.