What is BOIC?

Bloom Olympiads International Council (BOIC) has been made with an aim to provide an international standard of academic experience and skills, to build a strong foundation for students, and to make them future ready.

This council brings together academicians, educationists, mentors, authors, researchers and principals of national and international repute to a single platform, with a solitary aim of holistic development of the future generation.

BOIC Vision

To train the young learners of today and make them future-ready and help them face the 21st century with confidence.

Core Academic Committee

This committee includes eminent authors and mentors of the country who are actively involved in shaping the careers of millions of youth through their content and Mentorship.
Scope of Work: This key advisory body will look after core academic functioning as per the requirement or desired by the members of Governing council.

Our Team - Meet Dignitaries