Mathematics Olympiad Prep Booster

About the Course

Bloom offers Maths Olympiad Prep Booster to develop Mathematical Aptitude in school students and enhance their problem-solving skills. Maths Olympiad Prep Booster will prove to be highly useful for those students who are planning to bring pride for themselves by their performance in Maths Olympiads.

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Course Features

Small Batch Size

10-15 students in each batch to
make the classes interactive

Daily Worksheets

Customized Worksheets prepared
by Experts after each class

Doubt Classes

Regular Doubt Clearance classes
along with study classes

Regular Assessment Tests

Monthly Progressive Tests to identify
preparation level & stronger/weaker areas

Pre-Course Profiling Test

Profling Test for Each Student to Create
Complete Profle & Teach Accordingly

Parent’s Interaction

Online Parents meet to Update
About their children performance

Total Classes
Class Duration
45 mins - 1 Hour
Doubt Sessions
Class Frequency
Twice in a Week
Progressive Tests
Parent’s Meet

Weekwise Schedule

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the class schedule?
Our classes are conducted twice in a week at a proper time after school.
How many classes will be there in a course?
Foe classes1-5, the number of classes is 20-25 for class 6-8,this number is 25-30 depending on subject.
What will be the duration of each class?
Each class is 45 min-1Hr long.
How you clear the doubts of the students?
We conduct separate doubt classes on each Sunday, any enrolled student can join doubt classes to clear his/her doubts/queries.
What is the mode of Assessment during the course?
We take Online Tests on a prefixed schedule twice in a month. Through these Tests, students can check their preparation level. We also analyze the performance of each student in these tests and work on their weaker areas.
How many students will be their in class/batch?
For Class 1-5, there will be 10 students and for Class 6-8 there will be 15 students in a class.
What is the Online Test Series free with the course?
Online Test Series contains Chapter Tests as per Olympiad Syllabus and 10 Full Syllabus Practice Tests for the Olympiad.
Is this course also available offline i.e. in coaching institutes?
No, this course is available only Online.
In case students miss the class, then how do you compensate?
In such cases we provided recorded video of the class for a fixed duration, so that students can watch it and complete the missed-out studies. But this facility is not available on regular basis, we motivate the students to attend the live class.
How is this Program different from so many other Communication Programs?
Our Program offers LIVE interactive sessions, where the trainers are with the students in real time, unlike recorded sessions, where its more of a lecture and not interaction. We believe in Learning in a FUN light hearted environment, which ensure maximum absorption by students.

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