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This course has been designed to help students get future ready. It guarantees to help students solve different problems, work in teams, communicate clearly and above all, these skills are needed for success in school, after school, at work and in life.

All the modules of the course are aligned with National Education Policy 2020.



01 Develop New Ways
of Thinking

You will learn how to Think out of the Box & develop Creativity in daily life as well as in academics.

02 Process, Analyze
& Solve

You will be able to process, evaluate information and solve complex problems.

03 Teamwork &
Leadership Skills

Collaborate with multiple team members & become the person everyone wants on their team.

04 Stand Out as
an Effective Speaker

You will verbally present ideas clearly & use empathy and logic to connect with others.



The First Step to Get Future Ready
Taking the first step to get future ready
Explaining student and parents about 21st Century Skills
Testing Innovation and Creativity
Importance of creativity and innovation
How to be creative during these times
Mastering Creativity
Determining ways to develop creative thinking
Methods and Techniques for Creating Ideas
Critical Thinking – Starting with Yourself
Know and apply the key components of the critical thinking process
Understand what being a critical thinker means
Become aware of your critical thinking style
Mastering Critical Thinking
Use critical thinking skills to evaluate information
Apply logical thinking to a problem
Translating Creative and Critical Thinking into Practical Application
Practicing Creative and Critical thinking skills in academics and life
Retaining your new skills
Reflect and learn from mistakes
The journey from 'I' to 'We' – Collaboration
Understanding I and We
Key Characteristics and benefits of Collaboration
Challenges of collaboration and how to overcome them
Recognise the causes of interpersonal conflicts
Choose the appropriate strategies and tools to resolve these conflicts
Art of Effective Communication
Become aware of your strengths and opportunities
Identify and Remove the Roadblocks to Effective Communication
Practicing to become Effective Communicator
Effective listening methods
Basics of speaking
Body language do's and don'ts
Recap of the Whole Session
Apply the skills learned into action
Learn from mistakes
Review of learning and action planning
Future Ready – 'ME'
Apply new skills using compelling case studies, real life examples and practical exercises
Present the future ready you
Giving glimpse of learning to parents and making them feel proud

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