Bloom Computer Olympiad Study Books Class 11

ISBN :9789389208962
Binding :Paperback
MRP : ₹ 175

At this stage, you have chosen a computer language to learn. Hence, before you learn that language, you need to know some important fundamentals about computers. Assess your existing knowledge and built further knowledge with our Bloom Computer Olympiad Study Book for class 11 Our Computer Olympiad Book is a resource that not only refines your computer and technology related knowledge but also boosts your confidence in your skills.  Tech-Savvy is an essential skill which can be inculcated with Bloom Computer Olympiad Study Book For Class 11 comprising 

  • Chapterwise Exercises carrying Objective Questions
  • 2 Practice Sets for the quick revision
  • Hints & Solutions for clearer understanding

  1. Computer Fundamentals
  2. Basic Computer Organization
  3. Computer Software
  4. Operating System
  5. Data Representation
  6. Boolean Logic
  7. MS Word & MS Excel
  8. Basics of Networking
  9. Internet Services and Protocols
  10. Multimedia and Web Technology
  11. Introduction to Problem Solving
  12. Introduction to Python
  13. Control Structure in Python
  14. Strings
  15. Lists
  16. Tuples
  17. Dictionary
  18. Introduction to Python Module
  19. Society, Law and Ethics
  20. Cyber Crime and Cyber Safety