Bloom General Knowledge Olympiad Study Books Class 03

ISBN :9789389209761
Binding :Paperback
MRP : ₹ 125

The scope of General Knowledge is never ending and it is your duty to ensure that your child is aware of everything that surrounds him/her. Thus, it become important for you to nurture observation skills and Reading skills in your young leader. You can easily do with our Bloom Class 3 GK Olympiad Study Book. Designed keeping in mind the knowledge needs of class 3 students, our GK Olympiad Book not only assesses your child’s general knowledge but also encourages him/her to read, observe and analyse information. To do so, Bloom General Knowledge Olympiad Study Book For Class 3 includes

  • Chapterwise Exercises carrying Objective Questions
  • 2 Practice Sets for the quick revision
  • Hints & Solutions for clearer understanding

  1. Our Universe
  2. Countries of the World
  3. India and its States with Capitals
  4. Largest and Smallest in India and the World
  5. Cultural Heritage of India (Music & Dance, Fairs & Festivals)
  6. Famous Places and Monuments of India
  7. Important Personalities of India and the World
  8. Important Days and Dates
  9. Books and Writers
  10. Sports
  11. Science and Technology
  12. Human Body, Food and Nutrition
  13. Computers