Bloom Commerce Olympiad Study Books Class 12

ISBN :9789389208733
Binding :Paperback
MRP : ₹ 175

Hone your aptitude, Competitive Spirit, memory, and the power of reasoning with our “Bloom Commerce Olympiad Study Book” for Class 12 Prepared under the great supervision of the best faculty team that challenges not just National but also International examinations, our Commerce Olympiad Book curates the entire syllabus so that your get well-versed in Study and exam patterns with an interactive language. This Bloom Commerce Olympiad Study Book For Class 12 carries:

  • Chapterwise Exercises carrying Objective Questions
  • 2 Practice Sets for the quick revision
  • Hints & Solutions are given for self-assessment


  1. Accounting for Partnership Firms 
  2. Accounting for Companies 
  3. Financial Statements of Companies 
  4. Tools of Financial Statement Analysis 

Business Studies

  1. Introduction to Management 
  2. Business Environment 
  3. Management Functions 
  4. Business Finance 
  5. Marketing 
  6. Consumer Protection 


  1. National Income and Related Aggregates 
  2. Money, Banking and Determination of Income and Employment 
  3. Government Budget and Balance of Payments 
  4. Current Challenges Faced by Indian Economy 


  1. Entrepreneurial Opportunity & Planning 
  2. Enterprise Growth Strategies 
  3. Business Arithmetic