Bloom Mathematics Olympiad Study Books Class 09

ISBN :9789389209129
Binding :Paperback
MRP : ₹ 125

Introducing Bloom Maths Olympiad Study Book for class 9- a tool that helps you excel not only in your classroom but also in the world of competition. With our Maths Olympiad Book, you can practice maths effectively such that you learn various ways to approach a problem. Prepared after an extensive study of the needs and requirements of a class 9 students, our Maths Olympiad Book includes 

  • Chapterwise Exercises carrying Objective Questions
  • 2 Practice Sets for the quick revision
  • Hints & Solutions for clearer understanding

1. Number System
2. Polynomial
3. Linear Equation in Two Variables
4. Coordinate Geometry
5. Lines & Angles
6. Triangles
7. Quadrilaterals
8. Circle
9. Area of Parallelogram & Triangles
10. Surface Area & Volume
11. Statistics
12. Probability